L I T T L E   D E T A I L S . B I G   S T O R I E S .

I am a documentary wedding photographer, and I love to capture the celebration of love as it naturally unfolds. I will be there to record every little smile, wink, tear, laugh, butt grab, pants split...just kidding, I will put those last two in the bloopers reel. What I am saying is, I will be there not only as your photographer, but your trusted friend, someone to talk to and laugh with, I also have a habit of becoming one with the furniture, you might not even notice I am there!

It is pretty simple really, it is your wedding day, so this is all about you two, let's make your dreams come true! I will not direct any part of your celebrations (besides telling Aunty Jan to smile in the family photos), but I will be there to capture those moments, creating lifelong memories that you will forever be able to look back on and smile...

**I have a very strict fun and stress free only policy